Project Report of Tata Motor

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A Training Report
Submitted to Rajasthan Technical University, Kota
In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of

Submitted by:

Guided by: Training in charge: Mr.Taran singh Matharoo Mr. Pankaj Bharuka,
Head of Department, (Production)
AMW, Bhuj.

Arya College of Engineering & Information Technology
Affiliated to
Rajasthan Technical University, Kota

B.TECH. (2008)
Deposited in JUNE-2010

Industry Name : Asia Motor Works,Bhuj.
Duration of Training : 30 Days
Date of Start : 13/05/2010
Date of submission : 13/06/2010
Title of Training : Industrial Training
Name/Enrollment no. : Jinjuwadia Purvesh R.
Name(S) and Designatio of : Mr. Ganesh Sharma
Industry expert (Head-HRDepartment)
Mr.Nikunj Vora
(Manager-HR Department) Mr.Pankaj Bharuka (HOD-Production)

Head of Automobile Department: Mr.Arun Arya


“we are Engineers and we know how to design the world ”

I felt short of words to pen down anything for those who kept the ship float for the past month with their guidance, co-operation and expert advices. The successful completion of any training depends upon the co-operation, co-ordination and combined efforts of several resources of knowledge, inspiration and energy. I am very grateful to MR.GANESH SHARMA, HEAD OF DEPT. (H.R.), for allowing me to be a part of such an esteem organization of him.I also thankfull to him for Providing free Transportation & Healthy canteen food, That really helped me to reach company in time without any trouble. Without him i can not get such a good opportunity to build upstairs of my future. I am really thankful to MR.PANKAJ BHARUKA, HEAD OF DEPT. (PRODUCTION). I am obliged to them for providing me with an opportunity to work under him. In spite of having busy schedule, he was always ready to help me, whenever required. I am grateful for patience and interest he has shown for me. Without his guidance, this training wouldn’t reach its destiny…!!! I also express my deep senses of gratitude to MR. GAURAV RASTOGI & MR. TARAN SINGH MATHAROO, who not only guided me in my Training & project but also for showing their keen and personal interest in my work. I am also thankful to all team members & team leaders of AMW for their cooperation.I am also thankfull to MR.RAJU PATEL for providing me support for healthily complete this training.


Before joining my training, I had no idea what it is going to be and what exactly is its need in the academic curriculum. By the time I finished my training I understood how important it was for me to be a complete engineer. A fresh graduate would have absolutely no idea of the functioning of an industry. He would probably be unaware about the various departments and their functioning. He would be completely ignorant of the working and environment. He generally would not know about the department in an enterprise. It prepares you to walk out of your college and join the industry. You need to have basic professional knowledge along with the theoretical background and spending a month among hardcore professional can teach you a lot. The following report does not discuss the details of these experiences and discuss mostly about the training and how it was completed. It is...
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