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HI - TECH COMMERCIAL DAIRY Hi-Tech commercial Dairy as a new plan scheme is proposed to be implemented in the State starting from the year 2008-09. The scheme in principle stands approved by the Govt. It will be the part of the existing scheme of self employment and will be implemented with additional funds to be provided under the head and the detail of the scheme is as under:It needs no emphasis that India happens to be the goldmine of farm livestock resources. It possesses more than half of the buffalo population of the world with a majority of the recognized breeds. The Indian Dairy Industry with a large number of Dairy Entrepreneurs in rural areas has made a tremendous impact on the agrarian economy of the country. With present production level of 98 million tons milk per annum, India ranks first in t he world and 55% of the total milk produced comes from buffaloes. (The world trade in milk and milk products is about US$ 10 billion.) India's present export earnings from milk and milk products are mere 0.06 percent of global trade. The Agriculture and processed food products have a large scope in the global market. It is expected that through optimal utilization of resource base and the induction of advance technology Indian Dairy Production can scale new heights. Haryana holds a special place in the field of milk production and it is truly known as the 'Milk Pail' of the country 80% of the State milk comes from buffaloes alone. The State is proud to be the home-tract of one of the best buffalo breeds of the world i.e. 'Murrah'. Buffalo has also been recognized to be the animal of the 21st Century and thus, systematic improvement of buffaloes for milk production of the country is a goregone conclusion. There is a great demand of this high yielding elite breed not only from within but outside the country as well. Most5 of the States procure breeding stock from Haryana for upgradation of their low producing buffaloes. The State is quite conscious of conserving, improving and fast multiplying this unique genetic stock of buffaloes by promoting breeding activities in the State. Milk production in the State is 54.72 lac M.T. out of which 80% is contributed by buffaloes. The per head milk availability in the state is 660 gm per day which is 2nd highest next to Punjab. According to livestock census-2007, the buffalo population in the state is 60.00 lacs and that of cattle population 15.00 lacs. The State has a vast potential of self employment generation in the sector of Animal Husbandry & Dairying. Establishment of dairy units of 3,5,10,20 milch animals can alone generate substantial employment (Direct or Indirect) wherein loan is provided by the banks & subsidy by Govt. Normally, one person gains full time employment by keeping 2-3 milch animals. Similarly, for unit of 5,10,20 milch animals the other members of the family also again employment. The State is having a well developed infrastructure of veterinary institutions catering to the needs of the livestock owners providing veterinary services round-the-clock at Hitech Dairy Project Report of 20 Cattels Page 2 of 7

their doorsteps. The State is also self-sufficient in fodder production and rich in human resource for providing training to the farmers as well as the field functionaries. The Department holds at every Sub Division in the State the regular 11 days dairy trainings for the persons interested in setting up of dairy units. Animal Husbandry is an integral part of Agriculture and next to Agriculture, is the major sector of employment. According to 18th Livestock Census-2007, about 22.27 lac families (Households) are engaged in livestock rearing alongwith agriculture. Though of these about 10.00 lacs families are drawing household income from tersary sector as major occupation even than are rearing milch animals or other livestock. To...
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