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Topics: Foot, Therapy, Morton's neuroma Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Mortons neuroma is a condition where connective tissue surrounding a nerve in the foot, usually between the 3rd and 4th toe, begins to swell or grow. It is a common metatarsalgia in athletes due to the entrapment of the inter digital nerve inside the transverse inter metatarsal ligament. The exact cause is not certain, as there are a number of things that are thought to contribute to this condition. Symptoms can range from pain that starts in the ball of the foot and shoot into the affected toes, to a burning or tingling sensation of the toes. It may develop due to ill fitting shoes which press against the nerve. The condition is made worse by athletes who spin on the ball of their foot such as football and tennis players. One of the study by a physiotherapist from Chennai recorded more than 75 football players in an year suffering from such pain. Studies from US show that 78 athletes were treated for Morton’s metatarsalgia by excision of the inter digital nerve. It is mostly treatable with rest, ice, drug therapy and possibly surgery so as to decrease the swelling. But post operative scar formation will lead to re occurrence of neuroma. And even other therapies will hold the pain to a certain period, not for a longer time. Cardiovascular exercise may be contraindicated because of the pressure it puts on the foot. The existing treatment for the same is a splint to be placed on the affected metatarsal with a layer of bandage on it. Such a system tend to wear out in 2-3 days time. And the rubber used here is MCR whose tensile strength is very low. Therefore as the athletes put in more effort, the splint gets compressed in no time. I am working on a modified treatment which includes a rubber splint stitched on an elastic band with an outer layering of socks on it. Such a treatment holds the compression for a longer period of time and is able to exert more force in relieving the pain while allowing the athlete to continue with his...
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