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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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These modules are want to develop…

1.Recruitment module

2.Emp-Info module


4.Time & attendance module


Module 1:

sub modules:

1. Job application – Candidate enter into server website then apply for a job by giving personal details, education details & skills he/she have, submit the appln.

2. Take a test – Test 1 : Candidate will take the aptitude test (apti+reasoning+verbal+technical)

• The questions will be coming randomly from the DB for each candidate.

• Timer has to be set for both the tests.

• Automatically result will be display after the test.

• If he/she is shortlisted then automatically test 2 will be coming. Otherwise he/she will leave the server website.

Test 2 : (technical test) - Continuously

• He/she has to write 3 pgms (C,C++,Java). These 3 questions will be coming randomly from DB for each candidate (timer has to be set)

• After the test result will be display whether he/she selected or not.

3. Status from the test

• After this test, the status info will be displayed to the candidate.

• if candidate is selected , will take the HR- interview.

• Based on the HR, if he/she is selected means email notification & duplicate appointment order will be send to the candidate.

Module 2:

Sub modules:

1. Employee details – having the details such as education, skills, certifications, achievements, strength and weaknesses.

2. Emp -grade – Based on the employee details, the grade will be generated in this module.

3. Role assignment – Based on the Grade, the Role of the job & project work assigned to the employee.

4. Employee status – From the...
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