Project Reflection

Topics: Project management, Team, Learning Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: March 11, 2013

The reflection is very important to prompt the individual development. It is able to generate new knowledge especially when there is not an immediate or obvious solution, so after our lecture studying and involved in the MBA students project, here is a reflection on my studies.

The reflection of own skills and strengths
Before I involve in the MBA students project, i think it is necessary to consider the my skills and strengths of work in the team.The project I chosen is team 3 which the project aims to collaborate Bolsita Bags with One shop to improve businesses’ performances. To consider why I chosen this team, firstly, I known that I am a big fans of shopping, and before that I have worked in a small shoes boutique for a hole winter Vacation. So i have motivation to do this project which is my interests, and i could know a lot of information about shopping stone in york.

Work in the project team
Thought the team member`s introduction of this project, I find I could be the role with a resource investigator which is a suitable one for me, because I like shopping, this two fashion shop of our project located in the city center of york, I usually shopping around here almost five times a week. I could pay attention for every shop, which shop sale, and which shop have newly production. So in our project, I am the team member for marketing research. But I am not good at team working, because this is the first time I do the project with team members, so i lack the skills for communicate well with team members, and not good at integrate with the MBA project teams.

I also find i am lack for communication with effective way. Because i am a shy girl, during the discussion I just like an audience so that I can not show my opinion on the right time. Thus during this project I should learning more information about project, know a lot about other member`s role and task, and then connect with my task...
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