Project: Psychology and Human Sees Reality

Topics: Psychology, Neuroscience, Sleep Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 18, 2013

I do the project the main idea is memory location and based on photography. abstract photographs explore the nature of vision and the difference between how a human sees reality and how a camera records it. Intentionally depicts mundane or incidental objects in nondescript surroundings in order to focus attention on the normal life and looking for the process of perception. The idea is from person's life will go through a lot of place, leaving a lot of memories in different places. In our life there is one thing we always do: use different way to show ourselves. Everyone can not be copied. Each person’s experience is unique. The point of view of looking at things is different. Some time we just stand outsider to see other people or things. The memory is limited. There had lots of good or bad things in the past. Sometimes I think time like a train, rapid leaving, but I was like sleeping passengers in the compartment unconscious, when I wake, I found I have missed a lot of things, and even missed the docking station. . . Some of the stories, except memories, nobody is stay; some helpless, nobody want to tell; some things, except their own, nobody will understand. Each person's heart has a fragile line of defense, which is the last line of defense. When this line of defense is coming to the upsurge of break through that heart will only drowning in an upsurge of the sea. Gradually, I found that each people has a camouflage. We just can see the surface. And I want to dig the depths of the real . So I record my own memory ,where I lived ,where I have been , I want to real collect them. At the first step I took the photography. I choice five place which is Swanage , London , Liverpool ,Oxford and Winchester . The picture that I took are all from different place and different time and I let the two picture together to show the link of each two picture. And then I took the photography about the living environment around me. People can’t live in the...
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