Project Propsal

Topics: Enterprise resource planning, Electronic medical record, Management Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Project Proposal
Chantal Lozen
Nancy Carpenter
January 29th 2013

Project Proposal
To: Stakeholders and Management
Purpose of Proposal:
Implementing new EMR (Electric Medical Records) and compliance system. Project Description:
With McLaren Health Group continuing to expand, it is necessary to implement a companywide EMR and compliance system to help McLaren update its technology. First we need to establish a set of common processes throughout McLaren Health Group with the focus being on implementing a companywide ERP software system. The ERP will be the core technology, database and development environment employed by McLaren. With a new compliance system, this will update all applicable laws and regulation with the company’s internal rules and regulations. With a new EMR and compliance system this will become the core element of McLaren Health Group.

Project Stakeholders:
The stakeholders of this project would be the employees, managers, executives of the board, CEOS and also stakeholders outside of the company. Requirements for managers would to be trained a minimum of 10 hours on the new EMR system, as well as a host of new compliance policies. With this new platform all locations will have a common database. The database can be used to access patient’s info all locations companywide. Project Objectives:

This project will implement a new EMR and compliance system that will integrate McLaren companywide. The EMR system will combine, organize and maintain patient’s data that is necessary for McLaren to operate. This would merge all of McLaren’s key operations into one software system. With this new system it will become the heart of McLaren and the backbone for the company. With the new compliance system this will help McLaren stay in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and also with our own internal rules and principles of the company. This system will be divided into to three different levels prevent,...
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