Project Proposal-Wal-Mart & Fedex

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Project Proposal-Wal-Mart & FedEx

The organizations that will be the topic of discussion in the project paper will be focused on the companies of Wal-Mart and FedEx. Both companies are large companies with global reach and both have to contend with strong international competition. They both have to continue to innovate and manage their organizational structure to ensure that they are not only are able to compete in the global market place but remain industry leaders in their respective industries. Preliminary Problem Statement

How do these companies keep from becoming an obsolete or an out dated company in the modern highly technological driven world? I will research what are the changes that are needed to ensure that Wal-Mart and Fed Ex continues to improve and ensure their company’s benefits from continued innovation and productivity. (Nickles, 2010) Therefore, I would like to make my paper be about the organizational changes made at Wal-Mart and Fed Ex during the past decades. Professor I think according to some internet articles that I’m currently reading I should be able to provide an interesting paper on the successes and obstacles that each company face and the strategies of both company’s employs and how they use various techniques to increase their organization effectiveness in order ensure great performance of their workers. I shall expand upon their efforts as I work on the course project. Well I like how you are thinking so far!


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