Project Proposal Structure

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Project Proposal Structure – 1500 Words – 1st Draft of Sections 1-5 plus draft Bibliography due 14th May (look at documents in ALC Folder on BB to help you) You should include images/photos/flowcharts/diagrams etc to but they do not count towards your 1500 words You must include all sections but you do not have to answer all these questions – they are there to guide you. Please use Ariel, Tahoma or Verdana Font size 12 – double spacing

|Introduction |Project Title | |Approx 200 words |Rationale = the reasons for your choice of topic. What were your original two | | |ideas? Where did they come from? Which one did you choose? Why? What is | | |your interest in this topic? | | |What is your starting point? What is your Research Question? | |Personal and Project Learning Objectives |Describe your Personal Learning Objectives = what do you hope personally | |Approx 100 words |and professionally to achieve from this project? | | |Look at the 8 Unit learning Outcomes on Pg 2 of Project realisation Handbook ie | | |Research/Analysis/Subject Knowledge/Experimentation/Technical Competence/Communication + | | |Presentation/Personal and Professional development/Collaborative and Independent working...
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