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Loosing business customers|
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Loosing Customers


Customer are the most important resource for an organisation. They are the main focus for the success of the business where company gain revenue or profit to generate the business growth. Customer motivation as well as customer service is the one of the quality management system principle. In every organisation must has customers otherwise is useless. Therefore, business must define customer needs and expectations to be alive because loyal customer is the outcome of the company’s profit and its benefit. However we need to exceed customer expectation and add value to it. This includes key focusses in understanding customers expectation, their term obligation and needs together with their current affordability standard in buying a second policy from the company. It will applying to the level of customers service provided by individuals agents. Also the knowledge and skill of providing good customer service for clients The persistence of this project is to identify and analyse the areas in NZIL Company in approaching customers. The project will evaluate individuals’ managers with their agents and the sales technique used at present to ensure that customers are being approached in a comfortable way to meet customer needs. Similarly the operation of a

AIG Company is an insurance company that provide life coverage, accident and hospital stay coverage in NZ. The company is 100% Unites States owned, has shareholders where operated in NZ with an annual income of...
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