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Topics: Database, SQL, Relational model Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Subject of Course Project
In today competitive economy, we need information system in every aspect of the organization because Information systems help in decision making process in a cost effective way. Using technologies to discover, analyze and act in real time on the large volumes of data in research laboratories will be beneficial to the organizations. Every organization produces large amount of data and we need a system to contain it and extract information effectively. Databases management systems are design to ease difficulties in maintain complex information systems. An organization such as Mayo Clinic not only has the clinical heath care system but also has the larger department focuses on research and innovations. These types of organizations contain many different research laboratories that use different database system and technologies, bio specimens and produce many different results. This indicates that they have large valuable data yet missing a system that can link them together so that we can compare and contrast all the pertaining data out there. Business Problem Statement

The core problem to be solved is inefficient database systems of each disconnected database systems to a system that can communicate many different databases with easy to pull information out of. Due to difference in needs of each research labs, it would be very unproductive to use one type of database for all the labs. However, we need a system that can communicate different databases and queries all the information quickly. Name of the Organization

The name of the organization is Mayo Clinic. I want to specifically focus the issue of database system of research department and more specifically about the database system of the lab that I am currently working with. At my lab, we are currently using a Microsoft Access Database to store both clinical and laboratory information by saving in it the share folder for other team members to access. However, there...
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