Project Proposal Guidelines

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KAIST International Student Association

March 5, 2010

Mr. Im Koo Bae
Student Affairs Team

Dear Mr. Bae,

In order to get funding for KISA Sport Festival 2010, I am submitting this proposal to clarify the necessity of financial support from the school.
KAIST International Student Association hopes that after consideration the funds will be given to assure seamless carrying out of the tournament.


Andrii Omelianovych,

KAIST, Spring Semester 2010

KAIST International Student Association (KISA)

Spring Semester 2010

KISA Sport Festival 2010


KISA has been continuously organizing Winter Sport festival since 2007 fall semester. Last year, however, the festival was cancelled due to Influenza virus. As KISA strives to promote healthy lifestyle among students and faculty (especially from abroad), we propose a Sport Festival this semester. It is proposed to organize a competition in 9 different sports among KAIST students. The official language of the festival will be English to encourage participation of both foreigners and Koreans. The proposed event will be conducted over a weekend on April 3-4, 2010. The estimated project’s budget is 3,274,000 Korean Won for 100 students.



After a long fight against Influenza virus and coldest winter in years, less people are sick and the weather is getting warmer. As the proverb says, “From a healthy body, comes a healthy mind,” students should strengthen their immune system. To encourage students, especially foreigners, to pursue healthy lifestyle KISA is planning to organize a sport competition.

Big gatherings of people usually create suitable environment for communication and cultural exchange, especially when guided by some purpose. Moreover, spirit of competition brings the best out of people. In order to unite these two concepts KISA has created sport festival. Over the years the number of participants has been growing steadily and the tournament got a lot of attention and positive feedback. We did our best to organize sport competitions in different disciplines interesting to KAIST students and faculty every year since the beginning of the Sport Festival. It has become a tradition to conduct sport competition annually to keep KAISTians healthy and fit. This year we’d like to continue the tradition while introducing some new kinds of sport (e.g. athletics and tug of war).



Purpose of Event
To promote a healthy lifestyle among students and faculty through participation in sports. To provide an opportunity for international and Korean students and faculty to engage in various sport activities.

To encourage interaction between foreign and Korean students and faculty through sport competition.

Work plan

In order to organize a competition, we have to accomplish several tasks. Before the competition, we plan to distribute posters and register participants. After the competition, the closing ceremony will be held where prizes will be given to winners. Below is the schedule of task execution. KISA Sport Festival 2010 Proposal

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KAIST International Student Association (KISA)
March 14-28, 2010
March 28-April 2, 2010
April 3-4, 2010
April 4, 2010


Spring Semester 2010

Posters preparation and distribution
Registration of participants
Closing Ceremony


Person in charge of the event:
Ruhul Kabir Sharif (email:, phone: 010 2349 9144) Sport Discipline Managers:
Responsibility Name
Mina Azhar
Nayan Kalita
Qiang Fei
Hashim Iqbal
Yerbol Absalyamov
Table tennis
Tsogtbilguun Demberelnyamba
Juan Pablo Duarte
Harvey Rosas


Event Description

The official language of the festival is English encouraging all KAIST people, Korean or foreigners, to participate in the event. There won’t...
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