Project Proposal: Graphic Design

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Project Proposal: Graphic Design
Marty Oliver
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October 22, 2010
Ms Pate

I am submitting the third section of the Web site plan. Included in this plan I will be discussing any media formats and plug-ins which will be necessary in the site. A description of how graphics will be used in the site. A description of the content to be included in the site and how this content will be acquired, giving attention to copyright restrictions. Also a description of how usability and accessibility are considered in the site design.

I will be using Adobe flash player for media formats and plug-ins, because it allows better integration with other Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop. I will be using pictures and Icons for graphics in this particular website. I will be using pictures at the top of the pages of women and men that I will obtain from Google images and flicker images. I will get the required authorization before including them in my list of possible images for pictures and icons.

I will design each webpage with the user in mind and by keeping it so simple. By constantly practicing usability I will make a adamant conscious attempt when completing the contents of the site, but it is also important to have creative design. I will create a site that helps the user of the website complete the work without working too hard. (Mosher, May 19, 2007)

I will also create a website with accessibility in mind. There are many website users who have disabilities that use varied technologies to surf the web, “(such as screen readers)”, Images, certain development technologies, fonts, colors, all of these items need to be maticously picked for a website to be accessible. (Mosher, May 19, 2007)

Website users attend a website not for beautiful pages but for buying and for information. However if a webpage is not pretty appealing, can run a user away quickly before completing their works. Attending to fundamental...
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