Project Proposal for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Livinstone

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Project Proposal forThe Promotion of Entrepreneurship Skills in Tourism amongst Grade 12 School leavers in Livingstone| |

Leader’s Quest International is a not-for-profit organisation that leads a global network of independent country initiatives helping young people start their own business and create employment. Through our network we assist young entrepreneurs who are unable to find support elsewhere, with a combination of access to capital, volunteer mentoring, and other business development services. Our approach enables the launch of thousands of new enterprises and significantly increases business survival and growth – key factors in job creation and sustainable economic development. Our role is to increase the capacity and efficiency of our members to enable them to grow, by providing technical assistance, sharing knowledge, developing common tools and quality standards, and by generating resources. We also expand the network into new countries in order to reach more young people in need. To deliver this support, we work with governments, businesses and multi-lateral and civil society organisations. LQI’s goal is to enable our network to support 100,000 new young entrepreneurs annually by 2020, thereby creating a total of more than one million jobs and making a significant contribution to the global employment challenge. LQI was founded in the UK in 2000 and is one of The Prince’s Charities, a group of not-for-profit organisations of which HRH The Prince of Wales is President. The LQI Network spans 40 countries across six continents including Zambia.

Livingstone (Zambia) is a city in southern Zambia, the capital of Southern Province. Livingstone is situated just north of the Zambezi River, which forms the border with Zimbabwe, and 11 km (7 mi) north of Victoria Falls. It is a major tourist center serving visitors to the falls. Although tourism is the largest source of employment, there is substantial industrial development, including textile and clothing manufacturing, vehicle assembly, food processing, furniture making, and sawmilling. Other local attractions include Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, located adjacent to Victoria Falls, and Livingstone Game Park. The Livingstone Museum has displays of African prehistorical and historical artifacts, and memorabilia related to Scottish missionary David Livingstone and his exploration of the region in the 1850s. Over the past decade, tourism has been identified as a potential growth sector that could generate foreign exchange, create employment, and spur economic growth through a series of linkages, without substantial investment or extended lead times. At present, tourism remains an immaterial contributor to the economy, generating a mere 2% of GDP and directly employing only 11,000 people (MoFED, 2001c).

In his 2009 Budget Address, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, reported that in the past two years, the tourism sector has grown by 5.6% (2007) and 7.2% (2008). The increase in tourist arrivals could have been more significant had the international reputation of Zimbabwe not been placed under such immense pressure due to land reforms and electoral tensions relating to elections.


THE PROJECT:|  Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Project| NAME OF THE EXECUTING INSTITUTION:| Leader’s Quest International| LOCATION OF PROJECT:| Livingstone, Zambia|
INTENDED TARGET POPULATION:| Grade 12 School leavers|


In spite of the increasing recognition of entrepreneurship as a source of job creation, empowerment and economic dynamism in a rapidly globalising world, there has been no systematic attempt to look at it from a youth angle. The tendency has been either to subsume the youth into the general adult population or to ignore their efforts to forge a livelihood through enterprise activities. This has...
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