Project Proposal

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Community, Camarines Sur Pages: 2 (370 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Partido State University
Goa, Camarines Sur
A/Y: 2011-2012

Need Assessment in Gawad Kalinga Community
(Tagontong, Goa, Camarines Sur)

Prepared by:
Christian Joeson Lopez
Jerico Encinas
Erick Sanglay
Raymart Mendoza
Kempee Rellora
Gerald Laurente

Table of Contents
Chapter 1-Introduction
* Background of the study
* Statement of the problem
* Hypotheses
* Objectives
* Significance of the study
* Scope and Limitation

Chapter 2-Related Literature and Studies
* Related Literature and Studies
* Related Studies
* Synthesis of the Arts
* Conceptual Frameworks
* Definition of Terms
Chapter 3-Methodology
* References
* Appendix
* Questionnaire
* Interview
Significance of the Study:
Results of the study will be useful in the following aspects: For the Municipal and Barangay Officials- the findings of this study can be used as a basis new community building project in Tagontong, Goa, Camarines Sur. For the Residents- The findings could be used to find some pointers to know where their type of living lacks and to where it falls in the hierarchy of needs pyramid. For Other Researchers- Findings of this study will show the future researchers’ important information regarding the needs of the residents. This study could be used by other researchers as one of their related study.

Scope and Limitation:
The study covers only the Gawad Kalinga Community in Tagontong, Goa, Camarines Sur and in a one week study period. This study focuses to provide concrete answers about the hierarchy of their needs for a possible new community building which include: Day care center, Health center, Tanod outpost, Evacuation center, Public C.R. or other buildings they want to define. This will also include where in the hierarchy of needs they will fall, in physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem or in self-actualization.

The study will not cover other Gawad Kalinga...
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