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Background Information
Clothes’s selling in Kenya is a dynamic and fast growing business that is being taken up by many individuals who wish to be self-employed. This includes both the first-hand and second-hand sector. What once used to be a business taken up by the ‘kawaida mwananchi’ is rapidly being embraced by various individuals, and turning it into a large business area, which is not only carried out locally but internationally. Even as this area of business grow so does technology improve to accommodate various business needs, and people are turning to technology to make business run smooth thus making life easier. problem/opportunity statement

As the clothes-selling business grows most vendors still use the traditional methods of buying, selling (which has to be done face to face), stock takes, which are done manually, sales summary. Use of automated methods are lacking therefore making the work tedious,time-consuming,for example when calculating the sales made, the stock that is left, it’s all done manually which is quite lengthy and could sometimes lead to fraud, where the owner does not have a clear cut figure of what is sold or purchased? Thus employees could take advantage of that, miscalculation of figures, poor stock management and so forth.

Project objectives
Within this project period the proposed system should be able to: * Produce an invoice for the customer.
* Give weekly, daily, monthly and yearly sales and purchases made. * Keep record of the stock.
* Alert the owner when need arises to purchase more goods. * Keep track of sales made.
* Good data placement.
* Update of database upon each transaction.

Proposed system modules
a. Invoice generation
* Upon each customer transaction, an invoice should be produced by the system, and thus the items bought are recorded in the system....
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