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Salt is an essential commodity required for everyday life and demanded by persons of all age and sex. A bulk quantity of salt is consumed everyday in the households, restaurants, food industries and chemical industries.

For all living beings, salt is the most important mineral required for body functioning. An average human body at anytime contains 250grams of salt for the functioning of heart, mussels, brain and nervous system. Human being consumes salt through food. Salt is an essential ingredient for processing, taste, colour, texture and preservant of food.

A part from human consumption, salt is also required in cattle and poultry feed.

At present the demand of salt in Bangladesh is about 918,000MT/Year. Currently the entire demand is met by local salt factories. All these factories are registered with BSCIC and currently 371 factories are registered with them. From them 268 are iodized and 103 are non-iodized salt factories. (Prothom-Alo: Alokito Chattrogram 25 July, 2004 )

In our country there is a huge latent potential for quality salt manufacturing and that needs undertaking capital intensive Vacuum Evaporation or Flash-Evaporation projects for salt manufacturing.

In order to exploit the above opportunity, the sponsors of the project, M/S. KHODAZA SALT PRODUCTS LTD., envisages to setup a Free Flow Edible Salt Production Plant having 57,600 MT/year capacity in Chittagong. Accordingly, they approached Dream Vikings Solutions Ltd. for conducting a Feasibility Study on behalf of them & make a Project Profile, which they will eventually submit to National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd for availing loan facilities towards implementation of the project. In line with their request, Dream Vikings Solutions Ltd.. has carried out a Feasibility on the viability of the project. The outcome of which are elaborated in the following chapters. 1.2PROJECT SUMMARY:

A study on the feasibility of the project has been carried out and the summary of the findings are elaborated below:

|a. |Project Title |: |M/S. KHODAZA SALT PRODUCTS LTD. | | | | | | |b. |Project Location |: |Halimkhan Char, Patiya, Chittagong | | | | | | |c. |Product and Capacity |: |Product |: |Free Flow Edible Salt | | | | |Capacity |: |57,600MT/year | | | | | | |d. |Sponsors |: |1. |Md. Shafiqul Islam | | | | |2. |Mr. Rafiqul Islam | | | | |3. |Mr. Shamsul Islam | | | | |4. |Mr. Saiful Islam | | | | |5. |Mr. Kamrul Islam | | | | |6. |Mr. Ahsiqul Islam | | | | | |

|e. |Project...
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