Project Proposal

Topics: Chemical industry, Environment, Outsourcing Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: May 14, 2013

Background Information Company:

Name of company: Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe BV (the “Client”) Contact person: Dick Notenboom
Address: Oudenstaart 1
Postal code and place:5000LJ Tilburg
Telephone (mobile) number: 06-52374008
Email address:
Website URL:

The Client is a chemical company that produces colored paper and offset plates. Moreover, the Client is currently busy developing new products such as membranes for water and gas treatment. For the production of both products mentioned above, special types of chemicals are used. Due to the usage (and presence) of these chemicals on the Client’s terrain, Manufacturing Europe BV is classified as a Seveso II type business. In 1976, a major accident occurred in Seveso, Italy, where the accidental release of chemicals lead to widespread contamination. As more of these accidents occurred due to different standards in how chemicals should be handled, the European Commission established the Seveso Directive to enforce specific rules and directives with regards to the way (storage, treatment, processing etc.) certain chemicals should be treated. It was first implemented in 1982. After 15 years, it was reviewed and modified in 1997, after which it became known as the Seveso II.

The Client wants our team to figure out if it is more financially effective, reliable and environmentally sustainable to outsource their chemical storage facility by using a SWOT analysis and other means. In a market that is changing rapidly, they want to see if outsourcing is more cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to the in-house solution.

Problem Statement

Is it more financially effective, reliable and environmentally sustainable for the Client to outsource their storage facility?


Primarily, we hope to access internal information at the Client about the various cost...
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