Project Proposal

Topics: Project management, Management, Gantt chart Pages: 5 (961 words) Published: April 7, 2013
BPJ 410
Project Proposal

Business Engineering for Thrillway

Renier Paul Louw
Supervisor: Prof E. Brett
20 March 2013

Executive Summary

This proposed project report discusses and describes the Business Engineering for Thrillway, and the project to be completed under the mentorship of Mr. Liebenberg. The aim of this project is to research and investigate the challenges and best practices associated with minimising risk, improving efficiency and reducing costs This report includes a detailed project plan describing the activities and tasks, resources and estimated budget required to complete the project. A Gantt chart linking the activities and tasks to an estimated time frame is also included.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction & Background

2. Problem Statement

3. Project Scope

4. Deliverables

5. Project Plan Activities, Tasks, Deliverables Resources Constraints Budget

6. Appendices Appendix A: Gantt chart
Appendix B: Signed Industry Sponsorship Form

List of Figures and List of Tables

Introduction and Background

Thrillway is a start up brand that specialises in adventure and outdoors apparel. Thrillway mainly focuses on renewable energy technology in its products as it endeavours to be a socially and ecologically responsible role player in the industry. The company consists of three engineering partners, specializing in an electronically, computer and industrial direction. As part of its endeavour to be a socially responsible organisation, Thrillway envisions an adventure app that will incentivise people to experience the outdoors, so as to promote a healthier lifestyle that will reduce the high obesity rate in the world. The applications main purpose would be to create hype by setting out challenges and to get people getting more active and experience the outdoors.

Thrillway needs to establish its internal and external customer relationships, its operations strategy and its organisational architecture.

There are currently three product ranges that are being considered for inclusion under the Thrillway brand: 1. Powerbuddy: a portable device that is charged as you drive and that is able to provide 220V electrical supply to devices. 2. LED solar torches: Low energy consuming LED torch that has a solar panel in order to charge its internal battery. 3. Solar backpacks: 30 litre day packs with solar panels and batteries to allow users to charge their tablets and smart phones.

Problem Statement

Obesity being a huge factor of concern in South Africa, being the country with the second highest obesity rates, Thrillway is aiming to reduce these rates and encourage the population to get more active, and compete in outdoor activities. Thrillway as company strives at being green-oriented to a fully extend. With the possibility of initially manufacturing and using of overseas material and equipment, Thrillway will sit with the problem that the supply chain producing the products won’t be manufactured in a green manner. In the long run the ideal situation is Thrillway manufacturing everything domestically, which will reduce costs, and better control of applying and advertising green supply chains.

Thrillway’s striving at being a social and ecological company. The social manner in reducing the obesity rates, with the ecological manner making use of renewable energy.

Prevent child labour.

Project Scope
The following key activities are envisaged for the execution of the project, although the initial literature study during project scoping might indicate that a different approach may be required:

* Study of existing literature on business engineering, entrepreneurship, operations strategy, and socio-economic and ecological responsible business. * Design the operations strategy, considering relative power in the industry through the use of models such as Porter’s five forces, and considering the objectives of the organisation. * Design the...
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