Project Procurement Management Template

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  • Published : July 5, 2012
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Project Procurement Management Template
Management of procurements is vital for successful project completion as it identifies the necessary steps and responsibilities for providing the project with all the goods and services required throughout the implementation cycle, from initiation and planning through monitoring and completion. Usually a project manager in cooperation with purchasing department needs to ensure that procurement activities facilitate ordering and delivering of items required for the implementation. The given below Procurement Management Template is designed for project managers and personnel from purchasing divisions to describe the process of managing procurements and to assist with vendor selection. Step 1. Management Approach

* Objectives. You need to carefully examine your current project in order to identify what products or/and services are required for the successful completion. This activity will help you set procurement objectives. Then you can consider whether single or multiple suppliers can meet your objectives. * Collaboration between participants of the procuring process. Ensure that there’s an existing framework or opportunities for collaboration between you and your suppliers and vendors * Procedures. Select the shortest procurement route and define the shortest set of procurement procedures. * Contract. Make a draft of your contract to stipulate rules of performing purchasing activities and to set optimum duration of deliveries. * Repeatability. Non-repeatable procurement activities require little process, so you consider one-time procurement if it is enough for your project . * Value and risk. First develop a purchasing management strategy; then compare value of procurements with risk to the authority; finally, set respective priorities. For example, procurement may have low value and significance for your project but still carry reputational risk. * Complexity. You should estimate how complexity of...
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