Project Plan

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Project Plan
Key messageBringing foot care to every beautiful lady
To strike a balance between health and beauty

Communication Objectives

Three major communication objectives have been set up and will be achieved through three stages of persuasion:

1.Informational (awareness) objective
The first stage of our communication project is to draw our target publics’ attention towards foot care concept and the common foot problem including: Hallux valgus (拇趾外翻)
Bunion (波子骨發大)
Callus (繭)
Corn (雞眼)
Heel spurs (後跟骨刺)
Plantar fasciitis (足底筋膜炎)
Claw toes (爪狀趾)

The main purpose is to let the target public to know, understand and remember the information about foot care and common foot problem.

2.Motivational (acceptance) objective
The second stage is aimed at changing the target publics’ attitudes toward wearing high-heeled shoes. Wearing high-heeled shoes would not only bring about beauty and confident to women, but also bring about a pile of common foot problem. They should be aware of the harmful effects bringing by wearing high-heeled shoes and to choose suitable footwear for themselves.

We should also persuade the target public to try our new product – a brand new line combining the concept of health and beauty, which bring about beauty, confident, as well as health and comfort for them.

3.Financial (action) objective
The final stage is to make the target public to change their behavior, both verbally and physically. Target public is expected to change their buying behavior, from choosing footwear with attracting outlook to choosing our new products (health high-heeled shoes). Also they will help to spread our key messages to their colleagues and their friends through words of mouth. Thus, our target sales will be achieved.


SWOT Analysis

Dr Kong’s products are inexpensive when comparing with other chain-stores like Staccato, Joy & Peace and Jipi Japas, etc. Its...
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