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The role of physical education is designed to help young adults develop an early mindset of physical activity but also in the mindset of education, including educational sport. In the process of taking a physical education class students will usually come to realize certain aspects of the subject’s cultural background as a developing academic field and also to teach discipline. Now that we are in the 21ST century the term physical education and sport has seen a decline in today’s world including its philosophy. “It’s unbelievable and ridiculous that they are taking physical education programs out of school systems” despite the obvious importance it brings throughout the schools for young children. In physical education the student should always be the most important aspect to a teacher. Physical education is a subject that should always be a student centered course that allows the student to experience a promising amount of learning that not only shows them how to live an active lifestyle but the benefits of learning your body and staying in shape. “As a teacher I got involved with the students in athletics during physical education at school”. Physical education is something that needs to be taught by a teacher who is active with the students engaging and a caring educator who promotes lifelong learning skills that students can take with them for the rest of their lives. It is best that the teacher acts as a facilitator and helps the students to achieve his or her objects and goals, whatever the case may be for that particular student. The physical education instructor should be able to deliver the curriculum through effective teaching strategies with good quality. It is important for the children to be interested in what the teacher is teaching in physical education which means it’s best for it to be fun, exciting, and challenging all at the same time “people rarely succeed unless they are having fun at what they are doing”. Physical education should be a...
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