Project Pan for Cafs - Gender Role and Stereotypes

Topics: Gender role, Research, Role Pages: 5 (1057 words) Published: November 5, 2011
Community and family studies
Project Plan
By Storm Menzies

Chosen Research topic:
Research on this topic has been chosen due to it prominence with in society, whilst also being of interest for further education in the field of social science.

Question: what factors contribute to the socialization of children in defining gender role perceptions? This research aim’s to identify the internal and external influences that may contribute to a child’s perception of gender roles and stereotypes. This research also aims to determine whether internal or external factors are most influential during this development. Internal factors: External factors: Parental influence The media- in the form of magazines and advertising The family unit/structure The education system targeting pre-school

Hypothesis: Although both internal and external factors will a have significant influence on the gender development with in the child, internal factors will play a bigger role in perceiving gender roles and stereotypes. It is also hypothesised that there will be more defined perception of gender roles amongst the older of the survey participants.

Meet requirements
Core concepts-lifespan development
Core strand – groups

Course Concepts Involved
The influence of socialization on a child’s gender role perception relates to several of the Community and Family Studies chapters. These are: Chap 2 Resource Management – wellbeing, needs, wants,

Chap 3 Individuals and Groups – gender perceptions
Chap 4Families and Communities – lifespan development

This topic relates to all of these chapters’ socialization affects the wellbeing of both genders and the differences in gender perceptions in the childhood stage of the lifespan.

Primary Research Methods
The following research methods will be used to collect primary data: * 150- Questionnaires- quantaive data (stratified sampling methods) * 2 hours -Observations- qualitive data
* 5 -Interviews –qualitive data

Information to be collected
Through the use of the above listed research methods, information relevant to the justification of my hypothesis will be gathered, to fulfil the aim of the research; 1) To identify the internal and external factors that contributes to gender role perceptions in children 2) To determine with of these factors have the most significance on children’s development in defining gender roles and stereotypes.

These age brackets were chosen to determine if gender role perceptions have changed through societal evolution These age brackets were chosen to determine if gender role perceptions have changed through societal evolution Through the use of questionnaires quantitative data will be gathered to identify if/what the gender role stereotypes are, and whether external or internal factors play a more defining role. These will be sent via the use of social networking sites and random sapling targeting people in age brackets: * Under 18 -32 (Generation Y)

* 33-47 (generation x)
* 48 -66 (baby boomers)
50 surveys will be given to each of the age brackets for completion

Through the use of observations, the way in which children play will be examined to identify in particular what they choose to play with; thus this research method will support the quantitative data collected in the questionnaires. Observation will be carried out for a 1-hour period, the first with an arranged childcare, and the 2nd in a local park to prevent bias and influence from childcare workers.

5 separate interviews will be conducted in aim of understanding the reason why, behind gender role socialization. The interview participants will be a child aged 5, another aged 10, and a parent all in separate face to face interviews. A pre-school teacher and a professor of sociology will be interviewed through an...
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