Project Overview Statement of Dog House

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Project Overview Statement Project Name Dog House for a Small DogProject Manager Problem/Opportunity
Client requires a dog house for a small (20 lb.) dog that will be used during temperatures ranging from 45 degrees F to 90 degrees F. Goal
Provide the client a suitable dog house by June 21 or on a mutually agreed upon date. Objectives
1.The dog house will be designed and built using a frame structure to fit 20lb dog. 2.The roof of the dog house will be pitched, requiring one bundle of asphalt shingles. 3.The dimensions of the dog house will be based on the size, rather than the weight of the dog, and will permit the dog to easily enter, exit, and move within the dog house. 4.The dog house will be constructed in seven working days.

Success Criteria
1.The dog house will be provided to the client no sooner than outside temperatures permit its use and no later than outside temperatures preclude its use in the client’s designated location. 2.The dog will be able to enter and exit the dog house easily. 3.The dog will be able to comfortably stand, sit, lie down, and turn around in the dog house. 4.The dog house may be easily cleaned.

1.There are no known budget constraints.
2.The client will provide a suitable site for the dog house. 3.Client desires a peaked, rather than a flat, roof to improve weather-resistance. 4.One bundle of asphalt shingles will cover at most 33-1/3 square feet of area. 5.The dog house will be installed in Seattle. In Seattle, average low temperatures will not exceed 45 degrees F until May. Average high temperatures in Seattle have never exceeded 90 degrees; however, record high temperatures in excess of 90 degrees have been recorded from June through September. 6.The dog will not grow larger than 20 lbs.

7.The dog house will be completed on or before June 21.
1.Client does not like the dog house, requiring a design change hence impacting budget and timeline. 2.Dog does not...
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