Project Operations Planning and Control

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Assignment Criteria

• 2000 words (+/- 10%)
• Valued at 50% of total module marks
• Submission date: 12 noon 6th February 2012 (Turnitin & hard-copy) • Assignment based around all module topics up to and including week 14 • Essay format
• Arial font, size 11-12pt
• Line spacing 1.5
• Submitted via ‘turnitin’ and hard-copy
• One hard-copy simply stapled at top left corner (no requirement for fancy binders, folders etc) • A minimum of ten references including at least five from textbooks and journals. • Assignment cover sheet must be signed and attached to essay • Essay headings

o Front page, student name, student ID number and essay title o Introduction: set the scene and introduce the key points o Argument/Main body: where the student will discuss the main points outlined in the introduction. o Conclusion: draw everything together, stating the general conclusions and summerising the main themes. (A more compressive guide to effective essay writing is available on unilearn, Operations Management – Learning Resources.

Assignment question

The application of “planning & control” techniques

1. Planning and control is concerned with operating resources on a day-to-day basis and ensuring availability of materials and other variable resources in order to supply the goods and services which fulfil customers’ demands. Using an example of a manufacturer and a service provider outline what you think are the key planning and control tasks involved in operations. 60% of total assignment marks.

Using an example of a service and manufacturer you are expected to discuss the nature of planning and control. Your examples should explain the broad aspects of planning and control and some of the techniques used in particular types of operations.
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