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Friday, February 19, 2010

This fieldwork report has been designed for the partial fulfillment of Bachelor level of Business studies (B.B.S) 3rd year prescribed by Tribhuvan University.

Fieldwork report is knowledge gaining task in doing the work on project. As it is a practical works, has to motivate to field to data and much helpful and challenging work to the students.

In this report, I prepare this field report A case study of Shree Nawadugra Chimni Bricks Factory for the B.B.S 3rd year as well as compulsory subject for the completion of the final exam. In this fieldwork report, I briefly summarize about the how the organization gain profit, how the productivity of the labour, social effect by the firm’s activity and other relevant information about it.

Initially, I am thankful to Mr. Babu Kaji Gaeiju, the sales manager of Shree Nawadugra Chimni Bricks Factory, Bhaktapur for providing me relevant data valuable information. 

I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to all my respective teachers especially Mr. Deepak**** Paudel and Mrs. Sunila Hada of Unique College of Management for giving me guidelines to prepare this fieldwork report and thank to all my classmates for their kind, co-operation and encouragement to prepare this fieldwork report. 

My sincere thanks go to Mr. Gajendra Sinkhwal and Mr. Madin Shrestha who helped in every walk for data collection and preparing the report.

Finally, no one is perfect in every walk of life. Therefore, I welcome new suggestion, comments regarding to this practical works from teachers and users who is beneficial from data collection.

Rajana Shrestha
BBS, 3rd year.
Unique College of Management, Lalitpur
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Brick Industry

1.1 Background of the Study

This is the age of computerization and globalization and advanced technology makes daily life easy and faciliable. In the beginning of human civilization, human used to stay in the forest and they have no fixed place to stay. They used to move one place to another place to fulfillment their needs and wants. At that time the major needs is only foods and water. They did not have broad knowledge as today’s people. After years ago they started to live permanently and they started to build small houses and staying together. Firstly, they made their houses by branches of trees. They face lot of difficulties from those kinds of houses. After that they started to build their houses by clay, mud and stone which is seasonally effective and durable then previous. They faced a lot of difficulties while establishing their houses. They learn a lot of thing. There after they learn to make bricks and started to stay in the faciliable houses. From bricks they made variety of construction like, sky touché building, bridges, walls etc. At the initial phase it was made at household level by using hand made frame and totally manpower used to made bricks. But slowly machines were invented use them to products bricks and they treated as a factory. In Nepalese history Bhaktapur Bricks Factory and Harisiddhi Bricks and Tile Factory were established at first time with the help of Chinese Government and Indian Government. But increasing demand and lack of sufficient supply other lot of private bricks factory were established. One of them was Shree Nawodurga Chimni Bricks Factory (SNCBF). 

Shree Nawodurga Chimni Bricks Factory (SNCBF), a profit motive organization, was established in 2055 B.S. with an Authorized Capital of Rs. 3 million. The factory is located at Sipadol-8, Bhaktapur. And it covers 65 ropanies of rented land and 6 ropanies is its own. The factory product approximately 4.5 lakhs of bricks in one round. It has an objective of producing highly durable, reliable and fashionable bricks.

The factory is producing of size 9 4 2 with an average weight of 2 kg.

1.1.1 Service of SNCBF 
Head office is located in...
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