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Founded In: October 1847 , at Berlin in Germany.
Founder: Werner von Siemens & Johann Georg Halsk
Named as: Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske

“Telegraphen-Bauanstalt von Siemens & Halske”- the Siemens & Halske Telegraph Construction Company –was founded in the mid-19th century, a time characterized by revolution and transformation in politics, industry and society. Technological progress altered people’s lives at a breathtaking pace and in ways previously unimagined. Through his inventions and innovative technologies available on a broad scale, Warner von Siemens played a key role in furthering this process of change. The company he founded developed from a simple workshop into a major enterprise, which, by the time World War-I broke out, had advanced to become one of the world’s leading electrical companies.

In 2003, Siemens turns 156 years old. Throughout the world there are few industrial companies of a similar size that can look back on such a long and successful history. Since its beginning as a small workshop in Berlin, the company has grown into global enterprise, with operations in 190 countries in Europe, the USA, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Siemens has been operating around the globe in 190 countries with a work force of, 443,000 employees. Its headquarter is in Germany, named Siemens AG. Siemens Bangladesh Limited is fully (100%) owned by Siemens AG. Siemens Bangladesh limited started operating its business in Bangladesh as a part of its global operation from 15th February, 1974, with three core areas of business. Since then the company had been diversifying and expanding its business areas, and continuing its success in the field of information and communication, automation and drive, power generation and distribution, medical systems, lighting systems and home appliances.

Siemens has been involved in railway projects in the country since 1962. In 1968, it became the first direct foreign investor to start a joint venture with the Government of Bangladesh to manufacture telephone switches and sets. From the beginning Siemens medical systems and solutions have been the country’s technology of choice in this sector. It was also succeeded in power generation and supply. In 1967 it was involved in constructing the “Ashugonj Power Plant” and since then it maintained a good business relationship with Bangladesh’s power sector. In recent years, it has begun marketing solar plants, which provide renewable energy to remote villages. It has been also playing a very prominent role in providing mobile handsets.

Siemens Bangladesh Limited has a huge prospect in a developing country like Bangladesh. In the last two years Siemens Bangladesh Limited was especially successful in terms of revenue. Now its goal is to expand its business and achieve an impressive growth within the next few years.


“To grow and increase value by implementing advanced technologies, new products and services to provide excellent solutions to satisfy customers’ requirements.”

“To provide the best solution and equipment for the customers.”

“To achieve market leadership, profitability, good corporate citizenship and a sustainable growth.”


“The main objective of the company is to increase the market share in related diversified products and solutions in Bangladesh and to assure the potential customers of the quality and durability of the products. Although the products are a bit highly priced but it is the best bargain that money can buy.”

Siemens' business portfolio comprises the following business areas: Power Generation (PG)
Transportation & Distribution Systems (TD)
Medical Systems (MED)
Consumer Products (CP)
Home appliance
OSRAM (Lighting Products)
Telecom & Information Technology (T&IT)...
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