Project on Restaurants of Dibrugarh

Topics: Quality of service, Customer service, Service Pages: 10 (2100 words) Published: March 20, 2013

1.1 Meaning of Restaurant:A Restaurant is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal.Meals are generally served and eaten on premises. 1.2 Meaning of Service:AServicemay be defined as any act or performance that one party can offer to another that is essentially intangible and does not result in ownership of anything. Characteristics of services:

a) Intangibility refersthat services cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelt before being bought. The potential customer is unable to perceive the service before (and sometimes during and after) the service delivery. b) Perishabilityrefers that services cannot be stored for later sale or use. As services are performances they cannot be stored. c) Inseparabiltyrefers that services are first sold, then produced and consumed simultaneously. d) Heterogeneityrefers that each unit of a service maydiffer from other units. e) No Ownershiprefers that customers has access to but not ownership of activity or facility. Reasons for service failure:

a) Expected level is not met.
b) Service level is low.
c) Employee is rude and not caring.
d) Slow delivery.
1.3 Quality: Itmay be defined as the sum total of features of a product or service which influence its ability to satisfy a given demand.
Basically the quality of services is not defined or determined by the restaurants, it is determined by the customers. The quality of service is a customer’s perception of the degree to which the service meets his or her expectations. Service Quality:It is a combination of two words service and quality where we find emphasis on the availability of quality services to the ultimate users. It is a comparison of expectations with performance. Dimensions of Service Quality:

a) Tangibles(Appearance of physical facilities,equipment,personnel,communication materials). b) Reliability(Ability to produce same level of service again and again). c) Responsiveness(Willingess to help customers and to provide prompt service). d) Communication(Clarity and understandability of service given to the clients). e) Credibility(Trustworthiness of the service provider).

f) Security(The physical safety of the customer).
g) Competence (Possession of skills and knowledge required to perform the service). h) Courtesy(Politeness,respect and friendliness of the personnel’s). i) Understanding (Making the effort to know customers’ needs and expectations). j) Access(Approachability and ease of contact).

The study is important for the restaurants in the context that they can find out what are the loopholes in their service delivery and how they can maintain their quality standards. 2.2 RESEARCH OBJECTIVE:

• To find the consumers attitude towards service provided by the restaurants of high end hotels in Dibrugarh. • To provide suggestions to improve the quality of service. 2.3IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY:

The study is important for the restaurants in the context that they can find out what are the loopholes in their service delivery and how they can maintain their quality standards. 2.4 SCOPE OF THE STUDY:

The scope of the study is confined to restaurants of high class hotels of Dibrugarh town only.  2.5 METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY:
The research process of the study involves the following steps: • Objectives were clearly stated before designing the questionnaire. • Data was collected from a sample size of 48 respondents. • Simple tabulation was used for calculation.

• Findings revealed by tabulation were listed in a summarized form. 2.5.1 RESEARCH DESIGN:
The research design is non –probabilistic in nature. 2.5.2 SOURCES OF DATA:
The data and information gathered to serve the...
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