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Topics: Stock market, Stock, Stock exchange Pages: 14 (3968 words) Published: March 26, 2013
(with reference NSE & BSE)
A Minor Project Report Submitted in partial fulfillment
For the award of the degree of
Submitted by
Avinash Penta
Regd No: 1234111126
Under the esteemed guidance
Assistant Professor



I Avinash Penta, hereby declare that this project report entitled “A STUDY ON FLUCTUATIONS IN STOCK MARKET” is submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of Integrated Master of Business Administration. This is a bonafide work carried out by me under the guidance of Mrs.K.Kusuma, Assistant professor and has not been submitted to any other University or Institute or published earlier.

DATE: SIGNATURE STATION: Visakhapatnam (Avinash .P)


This is to certify that the Project Work titled “A STUDY ON FLUCTUATIONS IN STOCK MARKET” is an original work of Avinash Penta Registered number: 1234111126 carried out in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of Integrated MBA of GITAM Institute of Management, GITAM University.

Date: Signature Station: Visakhapatnam (Mrs.K.Kusuma)


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof.K. Siva Rama Krishna, GITAM Institute of management, GITAM UNIVERSITY, Visakhapatnam, for his encouragement throughout the academic period.

Iam grateful to Prof. P.Sheela, Vice-principal, GITAM Institute of management, GITAM UNIVERSITY, Visakhapatnam, for giving me opportunity to work in this project and for her valuable advice.

I take this opportunity to record my everlasting thanks and hearty feelings of gratitude to our IMBA Program coordinator, and my project guide Mrs. K.Kusuma and my class co ordinator Mrs.P. Sobha Rani, Assistant professor, for her constant encouragement and guidance for the successful completion the project work.

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Executive Summary


The stock exchange is a necessary aspect of commerce world-wide. Without a stock exchange in which people could quickly and easily trade assets, the global economy would quickly grind to a halt.The investment-banking business has built up a highly efficient mechanism for the initial sale of securities issued by a new enterprise.

Stock market fluctuations are when a company's stock price changes in the market. On one hand, a company's stock price has no direct effect on a company, unless the company wants to raise more money by selling stock into the market. In that case, the current stock price determines how much money they will be able to raise when they sell shares into the market. Once the shares are sold into the market, however, the company is no longer affected directly by the share price.

In the due course of my project I tried to study the various fluctuations occurring in the stock market with respect to the stock markets in INDIA National Stock Exchange & Bombay Stock Exchange.

Section 1
Theoretical or Conceptual Framework


Finance is the study of funds and management. Its general areas are business finance, personal finance, and public finance....
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