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In this project you will form groups of maximum 3 students to evaluate the social media presence of a company. You are free to choose any company to follow and evaluate its performance based on what we learned in class. Make sure that you choose a product/brand that has enough activity for you to analyze. You should cover at least the following topics, but feel free to add to these or structure differently. •

Brief description of the brand/product/products. Where are they sold/marketed? What is the target market?
Overview of the social media presence of the company. What platforms do they use? How actively?
Evaluation of the social media activities.
◦ Are the activities appropriate for the brand?
◦ Is there interaction between the brand and consumers and between consumers? Should there be more/less? Is it useful? Do you see any integration of users into innovation related aspects of the brand? ◦ How successful are they in terms of number (follower/fans)? What analytics would you use to evaluate success (think of data that can be realistically captured by the company)?

◦ If you are able, analyze the company's social media presence over time. Do you see any trends?
◦ Provide a rough estimate of the resources needed to maintain the social media presence you currently observe.
◦ Do you see any aspects of governance (who seems to be responsible for content, or for any interaction)? Based on that, try to provide a process model for one task (e.g. adding content, dealing with a consumer complaint etc.). You can use the free ADONIS version from the course website.

What would you change? How would you improve the company's social media presence? Be realistic in terms of budget constraints. Provide a business case for this increase in spending (identify benefits and costs, provide a way to estimate them, and aggregate including intangible benefits – any numbers can be made up).

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