Project on Indian It Industry

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  • Published: January 28, 2013
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A StudY On InDian
INformation technology industry

SAMIK SOME Group No: 10
Organization leadership and strategy

Swarnika Nayak
Fiona George
Shrey Kashyap
Shambhavi Priya
Prapoorna Ketha


This is to declare that the report entitled “A study on the information technology industry in India” has been made for the partial fulfillment of the course Industry Analysis in Term – III (Batch: July 2011 - 13). We the students of Group 10 of Organizational Leadership and Strategy would like to state that all work carried out in the project is through our own diligent work. The data and information have been collected through various articles which are recognized in the Bibliography.

Group Members| Roll Number| Signature|
Fiona George| 11010121015| |
Prapoorna Ketha| 11010121089| |
Shrey Kashyap| 11010121221| |
Swarnika Nayak| 11010121109| |
Shambhavi Priya| 11010121280| |


At the successful Completion of our project, we the students of Organizational Leadership and Strategy would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the people without whose support this project would not be completed. At the onset, we would like to thank the Management of “School of Business, Alliance University” for giving us the opportunity to undergo this research project.

We would also like to acknowledge the constant help and encouragement of our project guide Prof SAMIK SHOME, who has given his valuable suggestion, expert guidance and support throughout. We would also like to thank all those...
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