Project on Implementation of Labour Laws

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Project on Implementation of Labour Laws

By | June 2011
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1.1 Theoretical Background:
Today is the time of Industrialization when every country is going under the effect of this phase earlier workers were treated as a machine, nobody cared about them. But now time has been changed. Now more or more efforts of managements are directed towards the welfare of workers or employees. So in this concern Govt. has made several rules and regulation or many Acts such as Factory Act 1948, Employee state Insurance Act 1947, Maternity Act 1961 etc. these all acts provides several benefits to the workers and employees of any establishment. Now question arise why welfare? We can say here, welfare provides the satisfaction that increases their productivity. So we can say that this one is the main cause insight of an organization. Because if employees are satisfied then it leads to increase in the productivity of an organization. Now -a -days employees are considered as valuable assets of the organization if these assets are glossed over, it leaves an adverse impact on the growth of the organization. Growth and development of the organization is directly proportionate to the welfare of the manpower. So in today welfare become an important function of the HR department. Every department in an organization formulates their objectives in accordance with the organization objectives and to achieve those objectives strategies are formulated. HR’s strategies follow organizational strategy with some interactive linking.

The central government and state government has made several Laws who regulates the functioning of the management and provides protection to employees or workers. In these laws Factory Act1948, ESI Act 1947, Maternity Act 1961 etc. are main acts. So this project investigates the implementation of these labour laws and investigated the workers awareness about these laws, and investigated their satisfaction level in the UNICHEM LAB LTD. BADDI.

1.1(a) Major Benefits of Labour laws:
* Protect...

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