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A Proposal For New Database Marketing For Second Cup

Table of Contents &Team Members:  History
 Philosophy  Objectives  Target Market  Situation and SWOT Analysis  Strategy  Tactical Requirements  Database Requirements  LTV Estimation  Conclusion  Appendix The Team  Tulika Roy  Sibil Samuel  Arnab Banerjee  Gunvir Singh Sethi  Amanjot Singh Sandhu

A New Database Marketing Proposal: A research on

Second Cup started as a company in 1975 as a shopping mall kiosk that only sold whole bean coffee. Second Cup still lags behind in sales and international representation after all these years. In the Canadian market, however, Second cup has become the largest Canadian owned specialty coffee retailer. Second Cup has spread to 360 coffee shops across Canada and 15 coffee shops internationally in countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman. (Second Cup Coffee, 2000) The Second Cup’s menu has over 30 premium coffees, specialty beverages as well as complimentary food items. In 2002, Second Cup became part of the Cara operation family chain of restaurants. (Second Cup: Our Story, 2008).

Philosophy “Our philosophy is to continually improve our business by revisiting our products, systems and procedures: developing new products and services; improving facilities; sustained training; effective marketing; and more efficient purchasing. Most importantly, Second Cup has a unique understanding of how to bring coffee to the people across different cultures, locations and environments. Our team brings forward a passion for coffee and we expect it to be yours too”. This is the philosophy that Second Cup believes in and wants their customers to know.

Second Cup is mainly an all Canadian café brand that serves different types of coffee products, drinks and foods in order to satisfy its customers’ varied needs. Their main objective is to provide their customers with an unique café experience and in doing so they has to follow some other sub-objectives such as:      Maintaining their brand image through good services quality products. The consistency in providing services and quality products, so that every customer get the same experience in a Second Cup Café anywhere in the world. Second Cup is the leading specialty coffee brand in Canada as well as in the world which they have maintained for a long time. Second Cup has a proven design and concept which makes them unique from other coffee shops. They aim to acquire customers through quality of product and satisfaction.

Target Customers/Market
Second Cup’s target segments are the early twenties to their mid to late thirties. This bracket consists of a mix of generation Y and X consumers, and is concentrated primarily between the two generations. Their primary clients are women. They contribute to the Foster Parents Plan to help children in developing countries. They also provides a wide range of fat free or low fat items, in an attempt to attract customers who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main focus of Second Cup is in capturing the morning office goers. Now according to census women are significantly increasing in the total workforce in Canada. That may be the reason for Second Cup to be a bit biased in targeting mainly the female coffee drinkers. The age groups they target are between 25-34years. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want male customers, it is just strategy to target women office goers who normally commute in the morning. With its vast range of products to serve people with, Second Cup consists of a varied range of customers.

Situation Analysis
Company and Product Analysis
Second Cup’s concept is in line with Starbucks and it offers a unique coffee experience. Second Cup stores are furnished and are often filled with people studying and meeting for a coffee. Competitively speaking, from a financial standpoint, Second Cup is not performing as well as...
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