Project Managment

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Project management essay
Project management can be understood only when the term project is clear. A project is basically a something that can be defined, which has a certain time limit, resources allocated and a purpose to be created. It includes a number of steps namely planning, organizing, scheduling and controlling a large number of tasks that are to be done with great care for the organization. The main intention to have a successful organizational structure is that which can ensure that they create the best project where they utilize the resources effectively and efficiently. The main reason why they are set up is for the interest of the stakeholders. In the recent times the importance of project management has been given a great importance for the development and dynamic organization for the present and the future. A project manager is a person who manages the work in whole about the project; he is responsible for its working effectively and efficiently. He should maintain it to go with the free flow, within proper resources and a great team to accomplish the required target. He/she has to execute the right tasks at the appropriate time, as a consistent group. Being a project manager isn’t a easy task because it required great deal of hard work, late night working hours and creativity to put in the project and getting things done. If the manager or the team is not well trained enough there are not much chances for it to be successful and accomplished. A project manager should be very responsible towards the project and company and is answerable to various situations. He has a set of very important responsibilities that include him to make sure that the work gets done on time, to the satisfaction of the customers and stakeholders in the best way possible. It should be cost effective, resources effective and ensure best quality possible and this is possible only when the manager can ensure proper planning, leadership, organizing, controlling...
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