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Executive summary
The aim of the report is the write about the project manager. Discussion and analyzing the quality and skills that a project manager have will be on the report. There will also be the case study and analyzing if the project manager in the case study is a good or bad manager. In the first part of the main body, the report will discuss about the quality of the project manager from communication skills, enthusiasm and empathy. The competencies and managerial effectiveness will come after that. In this part we will see from the aspect of goal setting, human resource management, and delegating task, time planning and budgeting. After that, it will be the case study discussion on Lena showing that she has the good competencies of delegating task, good communication skills, trust, empathy and responsible project manager. Concluding the report, a good project manager is vital for a company to be success. Introduction

The aim of the report is to discuss and analyze the characteristic, quality and the different attribute that a person should acquire to become a good project manager. The report will also write on the case study provided linking the discussion to the project manager inside this case study to see if the manager inside the case study is a good project manager or not. ‘The project manager as team builder: creating an effective team’ (John Kotter, 1996) and ‘according to industry researched from Gartner, poor project manager competency accounts 60 percent of projects failure’ (Maclnnis, 2003) prove that project manager have an really critical role because a project success of failure is very important to a company and can be vital to the organization interest and if the organization will continue to be successful in the business (Ammater & Dukerich, 2002). It can be seen that a good project manager with good quality and competencies can lead the company to a great success and they definitely play a vital role in this.

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