Project Manager

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Project Management Process (PMP)
Design and Construction Projects

(insert project name and date)

Drafted; January 16, 2007
Revised: 01/29/07


1.0Executive Agreement
1.1 Project Manager
1.2 RMP Ratification
3.0Project Description & Scope
4.0Project Resource Allocation Plan
5.0Project Management Structure
6.0Executive Oversight Board
7.0 Integrated Project Team (IPT)
7.1 Roles & Responsibilities of the IPT Members
7.2 IPT – Consultants and Contractors
7.3 IPT Contracting Authority
7.4 IPT Directory
8.0Contract Administration & Status Reports
8.1 Project schedule
8.1.1Design Schedule
8.1.2Construction Schedule
9.0Design Phase
9.1 Project Baseline
9.2Design Submittals and Review Process
9.3 Current Working Estimates (CWE)
9.4 Design Changes Procedures
10.1 Construction Change Procedures
10.2 Construction Quality Assurance Management
10.3 Commissioning Quality Assurance (QA) & Systems Testing
10.4 Substantial Completion & Beneficial Occupancy
10.5 Deficiencies
10.6 Letter of Acceptance Construction As-Built Drawings
10.7 L.O. Assumes Responsibility
10.9As-Built Drawings
10.10Systems Operating Maintenance Manuals (SOMMS) and (O&M) manuals 11.0 Post Occupancy
12.0Warranty Protocol

Attachment – A: Project Management Structure
Attachment – B: IPT Directory
Attachment - C Project Schedule
Attachment – D: Change Procedure Flow Chart
Attachment – E: Project Current Working Estimate
Attachment – F: Contract Scope of Work
Attachment – G: Example of Letter to the Executive Oversight Board

1.0Executive Agreement

The Integrated Project Team (IPT) members listed below fully support the provisions of this Project Management Process (PMP). Each team member is dedicated to the successful execution of this project to ensure that the complete, comprehensive objectives of designing and constructing the project are attained with minimum number of changes, at the least possible cost growth, and within the agreed timeframe. The RMP is a living document and will be updated at any time as required by the IPT. All changes to the RMP will be coordinated with the IPT for concurrence prior to implementation.

1.1Project Manager:
The Project Manager (PM) in the Project Planning and Management Division (PPMD) is the lead IPT member responsible for the overall execution of the project from initiation of the Design Phase through the completion of Construction Bid documents, including follow-on post construction services. The PM is responsible for developing and maintaining this RMP, in coordination with the IPT members. The PM will provide any updates to this RMP, with all supporting project documentation, to all members of the IPT and will update the documentation as required by the IPT. Ultimately, the Project Manager has single point stewardship responsibility for all aspects of an assigned project.

2. RMP Ratification:
This Project Management Process has been developed and fully coordinated with the Integrated Project Team members and is integral to the successful completion and occupancy of this project. The IPT members are fully engaged and committed to work together within the guidelines of the RMP. Signatory acknowledges review and approval of this document.

Project Manager (COR)
(signature & date)

Portfolio Manager
(signature & date)

Contracting Officer
(signature & date)

Construction Administration
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