Project Manager

Topics: Project management, Implementation, Activity Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: December 2, 2012
A project manager is responsible for all of the aspects of the implementation process. This is includes but not limited to the responsibilities of task assignments, resource availability, maintenance, project documentation, budget and timeline oversight, and communication among all of the project team members. A company may run into several errors before, during, and after a system is implemented it is critical for a plan to be formed and followed to try to reduce the amount of errors. To begin the process of implementing a system the project needs three major components completed in the establishing plans and controls phase. These three components are the breakdown of the project into various phases, specific budgets applicable to each phase, and specific timetables applicable to each project phase. For a project to be managed effectively the project needs to be broken up into multiple phases to try to prevent as many bugs as possible. If a project is broken up it becomes easier to manage and precede smoother. Because a project of implementing a new system has multiple people involved it becomes unrealistic for there to be a standard method for breaking down the task. This is because there are several different opinions and requirements for each phase. To the extent possible, tasks should be broken down to a level where task definition is sufficiently clear to enable individual personnel to be assigned to specific tasks. Making an accurate timeline is difficult to do since there are regular setbacks when implementing a system. The timeliness will depend on the project manager and whether or not the manager has had previous experience with the company. The previous experience will help with estimating the amount of time given to each task based on the previous project. The time estimate will involve the four basic steps of work measurement: identify the task to be estimated, for each task estimate the total size or volume of the task, convert the...
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