Project Management - the Importance of the Planning Process

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„Project Management – the Importance of the Planning Process“

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Each organization‘s activity in its own way contributes to organization‘s goals. It is not always easy to assess the impact of the work or the decision to achieve these objectives in the context of a complex organization of activities. Common to assume that what unites all the organizations processes to the general population and focus their efforts on a defined term direction, is a strategy. Project work is one of the extraordinary management forms. Each project is progressing to a certain stage, which is called the project life cycle. Despite the widely different names can be said that all projects are characterized by four main phases: initiation, planning, realization, finishing. An object of the Project: the planning process.

The aim: to analize the essential part of Project life cycle – planning process. My essay will consists of two parts. In the first part I am going to introduce the Project Management and Project Life Cycle, in the second part of the project I will analyse the planning process and will make a conclussion about it‘s importance.

Project Management

In order to understand project management, one must begin with definition of a project. A project can be considered to be any series of activities and tasks that: * Have a specific objective to be completed within certain specifications * Have defined start and end dates

* Have funding limits
* Consume resources (money, people, equipment)
Project management, on the other hand, involves project planning ant project monitoring and includes such items as: Project planning:
* Definition of work requirements
* Definition of quantity and quality work
* Definition of resources needed
Project monitoring:
* Tracking progress
* Comparing actual outcome to predicted outcome
* Analyzing impact
* Making adjustments
Successful project management can then be defined as having achieved the project objectives: * Within time
* Within cost
* At the desired performance/technology level
* While utilizing the assigned resources effectively and efficiently * Accepted by the customer
The potential benefits from project management are:
* Identification of functional responsibilities to ensure that all activities are accounted for, regardless of personal turnover * Minimizing the need for continuous reporting
* Identification of time limits for scheduling
* Identification of methodology for trade-off analysis
* Measurement of accomplishment against plans
* Early identification of problems so that corrective action may follow * Improved estimating capability for future planning
* Knowing when objectives cannot be met or will be exceeded Unfortunately, the benefits cannot be achieved without overcoming obstacles such as: * Project complexity
* Customer’s special requirements
* Organizational restructuring
* Project risks
* Changes in technology
* Forward planning and picking
Project management can mean different things to different people. Quite often, misunderstand the concept because they have ongoing projects within their company and feel that they are using project management to control these activities. In such a case, the following might be considered an appropriate definition: Project management is the art of creating the illusion that any outcome is the result of a series of predetermined, deliberate acts when, in fact, it was dumb luck. Although this might be the way that some companies are running their projects, this is not project management....
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