Project Management Techniques

Topics: Project management, Management, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: October 13, 2012
PM 7010 – Project Management Techniques I
Unit # 1
Individual Assignment # 2
Date: 09/11/2012
Number of Words: 299

It has been argued that “the Project Manager is the most important person involved in a project”. I do not agree with the argument that the Project Manager is the most important person involved in a project. The most important person in a project is a stakeholder. A project is undertaken to create something unique with a beginning and an end, it could be a product or service to satisfy the needs of the client or customer, otherwise known as a stakeholder. However, a client or customer is not the only stakeholders in a project, the project team, the sponsor, and the Project Manager ( PMBOK 10.1, 246) to name a few, are also stakeholders in the project; each has different goals, requirements and levels of influence. In a project there are positive and negative stakeholders; either one can greatly influence the outcome of the project. Positive stakeholders want the project to succeed and benefit from the end result of the project, while negative stakeholders do not want the project to succeed, and are often affected negatively by the outcome of the project (PMBOK 2.3, 23). That being said, it is extremely important to identify all of the stakeholders of a project, negative and positive, because they are the most important person involved in a project due to the influence they exert on a project. The success or failure of a project is based on fulfilling the stakeholders expectations, based on their requirements, a project manager has to document the stakeholder’s needs and requirements in order to meet the project objectives, failure to identify a stakeholder positive or negative, or a stakeholder need can be the difference between a successful project or an unsuccessful one. The stakeholder also has the final say on whether a project has met its objectives per their requirements, as previously stated if a requirement is not...
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