Project Management - Team Creation Paper

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  • Published : September 30, 2007
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A team is made up of a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Unfortunately, many teams are formed by techniques that are less desirable than hand picking the best of the best. Often team members get assigned to a team because he or she had bandwidth and could take on another project. Additionally, there could be a situation where a team member was assigned because of his or her knowledge of the application or the history of a process. Regardless of how the team ends up with one another the common goal is to create an effective team.

When the project allows the opportunity to hand select team members, there are two choices to be made. The first is to select a team of high performing skilled employees. The other method is to select a less skilled team, but work well together. One might think that building a project dream team would be the way to go, but if a team does not work well together, arguments and disagreements can create a ripple effect that dramatically impede the projects progress. Some key questions that need to be asked by the person or the team when evaluating potential team members are: What Skills does this person bring to the team? Will he or she be a team player? What type of personality does this person have? Will he or she fit with the personality and the momentum of the project team? Will this person be enthusiastic about the project?

Conflict, if properly managed, can drive change and foster new ideas, and offer team members a chance to expand their knowledge. On the other hand, if conflict is not managed correctly, and the project manager suppresses or suffocates conflict it can lead to project delays, a decline in employee moral and team energy, not to mention the restriction of the flow of ideas. The key to managing conflict is for a team to mediate those conflicts internally. One of the main contributors to conflict in a diverse environment is communication. All team members need to understand...
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