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NCP-21 Management in Organization

Scope of work: Construction of Housing Colony consists of 10 Bungalows for senior executives, 20 Apartments in five buildings, 100 dwellings for white collar workers and 300 dwellings for blue collared workers. Colony will have market and entertainment complex.

Key Functions The key function of construction Project: Planning & Scheduling: Planning involves formulation of a number of alternative realistic work plans for achieving specified objectives. Finally selecting a plan which is best suited from the stand-point of available resources and constraints imposed upon the project. Scheduling is fitting of the final work plan in to a time scale. It shows the duration and order of various construction activities. Organizing: Organizing is concerned with division of total project in to manageable departments/sections and systematically arranging various operations by delegating specific task to individuals. Staffing: Organising involves division of project work into section and staffing is the provision of people to fill the position so created. Directing: The directing function is concerned with the training to the subordinate to carry out assigned task, supervising their work and guiding their efforts. The essence of directing lies in the ability to motivate people individually and as groups. Controlling: Controlling is necessary for ensuring effective and efficient working. It involves constant review of the work plan to check on actual achievement and to discover and to rectify deviations through appropriate corrective measures. Co-ordinating: Since authority coverage to the top of the organizational pyramid, it is necessary to bring together and coordinate the work of various department and sections. This requires an efficient system of communication so that each department and section is aware of its role and assistance to be expected from others.

Project Organization Structure Project Chief

Staff Technical & Administration Support

Line Site Execution

Technical Planning & Finance Management Monitoring

Material Management Management

Personnel Management

Quality Control safety


Super Finishing of Structure Fabrication Management

External Building

Mechanical/ Manufacture/ ServiceMaintenance Workshop

The size of project management team depends upon the nature and scope of the project work. In the medium and large size projects, it may include specialists to manage construction planning architecture and engineering, tendering and contract administration, value analysis and quality assurance, material and equipment handling and finance and personnel administration. Depending upon the size and nature of the project, the manager in the project team are entrusted with the responsibility to accomplish project tasks. A large complex project will have a manager in-charge of each specialized task whereas in smaller and less complex project, only few managers can look in to all the tasks. The various ways in which the duties of a manager can be combined with those of the project manager in a small project are: Project Manager/ Construction Superintendent/ Planning and Controlling Manager, can be a single individual. Project Manager/ resource Procurement Manager/ Construction Superintendent, all can be centralized in one person. Project Manager/ Planning and Controlling Manager/ Contract Manager can be the same person. Communication Requirement and Flow: Co-ordination of workers their views and finally completion of project are the necessary task of manager. He has to collect views of various persons at different level and required to execute the job to be more correct, realistic and feasible. He is also required to co-ordinate various gangs, persons involved in construction. He has also to...
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