Project Management Scheduling

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Successful Project Management Scheduling outcomes: A Theoretical Comparative Analysis of networking techniques between Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies

Research Question

Why it is important to conduct a comparative analysis of Event, Chain with other traditional methodologies and investigate how it contributes in being Successful scheduling techniques in Project Management discipline?

Introduction to Dissertation

Nowadays, Project scheduling plays lot of benefactor in executing any type of project in allotted time and cost. Project scheduling is a vital stage in project development phase due to technological advancement in information technology where lot of IT projects have led different way of direction to prepare a project schedule involving all possible resources and risk factors are also prepared to so that project does not crash. The purpose of this research thesis is to comparatively analyse the various networking scheduling techniques that constitute to a successful project management outcome. There are lot of software’s have come in the market to prepare project schedule, but lacks theoretical aspect. Project management professionals experts like project managers have the idea about what is all about, so the author decides to study the various networking scheduling techniques with the scope of risk management.

Kerzner (2001) states, “management is continually selling now and better control techniques to cope with the complexities, masses of data and tight deadlines that are characteristics of many industries and their highly competitive environments todays, as well as seeking better methods for presenting technical and cost data to customer”

The most common scheduling techniques are:

Gantt or bar charts
Milestone charts
Line of balance

Network schedules:
a.Program Evaluation review technique (PERT)
b.Critical Path Method (CPM)
c.Precedence diagram method (PDM)
d.Graphical Evaluation and review technique (GERT) (pp.671) & CCPM (Critical Chain Project management)

Lewis (2001) studies that, until about 1960, the way projects were scheduled was to use bar charts. Henry gantt worked out a system of notation for creating such charts and using them to report progress, so they are commonly called Gantt charts. Later after 1950’s the relationships among tasks that came in existence and they were developed in two forms called CPM and PERT. The difference between the two systems was that PERT makes use of a calculated task duration and allows us to estimate probabilities of completing work, whereas CPM just makes use of estimated task durations with no regard for probabilities.

Brief Literature Review

Project schedule is necessary to reduce the project duration and it is also necessary to elaborate the implications of variable activity times and uncertainties. According to Nicholas and Steyn (2008), CPM is a systematic approach for allocating resources among activities to achieve the greatest reduction in project duration with less cost. It was developed in 1957 by DuPont Company, Remington rand and mauchy associates in an industrial setting. It includes a mathematical procedure for estimating the trade-off between project duration and project cost.

Nicholas and Steyn (2008) studies PERT that it was a method which was explicitly developed for the application in projects where the activity durations are uncertain. It originated during the US navy’s polaris missile system program, the perfect example of a complex research and development program with uncertainty. The duration of the project is uncertain and there is great risk where the project will overrun the target completion time.

Ronen (2005), studies Critical chain defines the length of the project as the largest series of task and resource dependant activities, performing levelling prior to identification of the critical chain, although they have the same general objective, CCPM...
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