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Project Planning and Management (CC2005N)|

Submitted By: Pradip Limbu
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Supervisor: Prashant Shrestha
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Management summary
The purpose of this document is to provide the detailed planning overview of the development of Rosie Perry’s system. The document is partitioned into various sections which include Background, Risk, Cost and Resources, Work Packages and activities, Monitoring and Gantt chart. Each section has unique scope during the development of the system. The background section gives the overview, scope and purpose, limitations, objectives etc of the project. Similarly, risk section examines the risk factors associated with the project. Likewise, the third section describes all the cost and resources that are associated with the project. Work Packages and Activities section tracks the major Work Packages and the activities within the work package. The monitoring section will explains the monitoring process of the project during the implementation stage. The last section (i.e. Gantt chart) shows the start date, duration and end date of all activities showing dependencies and parallel activities of the project. The purposed system is an online Content Management System for Rosie Perry’s company, Indigo Party Planners that helps to organise/manage themed parties. The project has a limited time line as it has to be initiated from July 2nd, 2012 and should be delivered before end of December 2012. With a limited budget of £80,000, the system should include features such as client registration, client bookings, client accounts etc. In addition, the system also provides catering and menu options so that the search is performed without any difficulties. Likewise, the system also gives the sales report including purchase orders and payments. This report is made according to course work given from the London Metropolitan University Curriculum. This document is intended to those users who are keen on learning about managing a project. The document is copyright @2012 by Pradip Limbu. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form and by any means without prior written permission of the author.

Management summary2
Project Scope1
SMART Objectives2
Identifying Project Stakeholders3
Risk 19
Risk 211
Cost and Resources13
Work Packages and Activities15
1 project management15
2 Requirement gathering16
3 Analysis and Design17
4 Development18
5 Testing19
6 Implementation20
7 Project Completion21
Gantt chart24

List of figures
Figure 1: Constraints3
Figure 2 Risk assessment5
Figure 3: Work package114
Figure 4: Work Package215
Figure 5: Work Package 316
Figure 6: Work Package 417
Figure 7: Work Package 518
Figure 8: Work Package 619
Figure 9: Work Package 720
Figure 10: monitoring121
Figure 11: Monitoring 222
Figure 12: Gantt Chart23

List of Tables

Table 1 Risk Register6
Table 2: Risk Summary chart 19
Table 3: Impact/possibilities chart19
Table 4: Risk summary chart 211
Table 5: Impact/Possibilities chart 211
Table 6: Cost and Resources13
Table 7: Appendix table27

Everyone loves to party. It is a human nature. Among many companies, Indigo Party Planners is one of the popular companies that organises and manages themed parties in London. The overall management for the party is not easy as it seems to, so depending upon the needs, request and traffic of the transactions the company requires a content management system that manages overall flow of jobs, which includes client registration, client booking, purchases, payments, catering options, hire facilities, sales reporting, stock controlling etc. This project is about delivering a quality online content management...
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