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effective project ManageMent interview Questions

Staffing IT project management teams with capable and competent project managers is a challenge. If the interview isn’t structured with effective questions, it can result in a poor hiring decision or a missed opportunity. Screening candidates on PMP certification is not enough to determine if they are an effective project manager. Due to the influx of PMP certification preparation courses, aspiring project managers can pass the PMP exam by taking a weekend course. The market has fostered a culture where certification is earned by training to a test rather than validating key leadership behaviors and technical competencies. Fortunately, the market doesn’t base the hire decision only on certifications. Over the years, I’ve used the following key questions to help staff my project and program management teams. The questions help identify competent project managers that understand project management theory and also demonstrate the practical application. The questions are grouped into two categories—leadership behaviors and technical competencies. Project managers need to demonstrate a balance between the mechanics of project management and the leadership qualities required to deliver the project. The questions are tailored for an IT interview; however, they could be modified based on industry. They are open-ended and will help shape the conversation.

Leadership Behaviors Question 1:
Describe a recent project where you were responsible for managing multiple people or teams. What were some of the key challenges and how did you handle those challenges? This question demonstrates a result-oriented leadership behavior. Project managers need to demonstrate delivery and a desire to attain the end goal. Staffing project managers who simply point out problems but do not help resolve them will not drive the project to completion. Effective project managers demonstrate how they’ve managed a project, coordinated across...
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