Project Management Proposal

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| Move the Pyramid Project|

project proposal|

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Executive Summary4
Management Proposal5
Management Approach5
Organizational Chart6
Scope Statement:6
Project Justification:6
Project Success Criteria:7
Project Team Members:7
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)8
MSP Activities, Sequencing & Dependencies8
MSP Schedule, Network & Critical Path8
Management Risk Analysis8
Potential threats identified:8
Risk analysis:8
Risk Strategies/Strategy Options:8
Managing risk:9
Reviewing risk/Monitor and control:9
Risk Management Plan9
Roles and Responsibilities9
Budget and Schedule Estimates9
Risk Categories9
Risk Communications and Impact9
Risk Documentation10
Risk Impact/Probability Chart Worksheet10
Make-or-Buy Analysis12
Make or Buy Analysis Example13
Subcontractor RFP(s)14
RFP Example 115
RFP Example 216
Subcontractor Evaluation(s)17
Technical Proposal18
Surveys & site justification18
Technical challenges:27
How the challenges will be met:27
Technical risk analysis:28
Risk management plan:28
Cost Proposal30
Labor Rates31
Total Labor Costs32
Material Costs32
Equipment & Maintenance33
Total Cost Estimate34
Marketing Program to Subsidize Project Costs34
Move the Great Pyramid Foundation34
Cost Benefit Analysis35
Contract Type35
Cost Sharing Formula36
Earned Value Management37

Executive Summary
As of September of this year MummyMovers has been involved in over 100 private and public sector construction projects in countries around the world. Our expertise in construction project management as well as relocation projects is much more conducive to relocating the important historical and archeological aspects of this project – that is the tombs of Khufu’s Pyramid. MummyMovers has a high level of expertise in project management and a strong track record of success. We have strategic alliances with US, Britain, and Egyptian chemical companies, quarries, cement companies, and industrial equipment leasing companies. We have been involved in several projects including moving the London Bridge, ElMarwa Resort in ElArish, El-Fayrouz Hall Renovation, Khofou Hall Renovation, Zahret Asyot Towers, and Zaghlol Antique Mosque. We plan to dismantle the current Khufu Pyramid block by block from the top down and rebuild the Khufu Pyramid using new and existing materials at a site 15 miles to the southwest while reclaiming the original Khufu Pyramids site. We have enlisted experts in construction and archeology to assist us in this endeavor. Should any new artifacts be discovered during the dismantling we will have the archeological expertise available for retrieval and preservation. We plan to create a commemorative park on the existing Pyramid site utilizing some of the original materials that cannot be reused at the new site. We will build a multi-purpose facility in the vicinity of the new Pyramid that we will turn over to the Egyptian government once the project is complete. This facility can be used as a conference center, tourist hub, visitor’s center, etc. With the assistance of the Egyptian Government, we will construct a railway and roadway to the new site. We will work with the local cities and utility companies to provide utilities to the new Pyramid site. Since this is such a large project we will sub-contract a large portion of the project including infrastructure development, construction, and manufacturing processes; however, MummyMovers will oversee all historical aspects of this project to ensure the work is completed to the satisfaction of the GOE. Our plan shows we can meet the scope, budget, and time constraints as set forth by the...
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