Project Management Process Groups and the Six Questions in Pmlc

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Mapping the six (6) questions to basic Process Groups of the PMBOK methodology.

According to Wysocki (2012, p.25) ‘Project management is a set of tools, templates, and processes designed to answer the following six questions: What business situation is being addressed by this project? What do you need to do? What will you do? How will you do it? How will you know you did it? How well did you do it?’

Wysocki (2012, p.64) also added that; ‘In addition to answering the six questions that a valid project management methodology must answer, whatever project management life cycle model you use must contain all of the following Process Groups; Scoping (PMI calls the Initiation), Planning, Launching (PMI calls the Execution), Monitoring & Controlling and Closing. The process groups will each be completed and in sequence, some or all of them may be repeated a number of times’.

PMI recognized the five process groups and nine knowledge areas to make up the Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). PMI also identified the five process groups as building blocks of every project management life cycle.

Scoping is identified by PMBOK as Initiation. Projects brainstorming, client need analysis, resource requirements, documentations and management approval are handled at this stage. This stage clearly answers questions like; “what business situation is being addressed?” and “what needs to be done?”. Key inputs at this stage can include contracts from the clients, deliverables from a company’s annual business plan, policy, procedure and other social factors where the project will be cited. The outputs of scoping process group are Project Charter and Preliminary Project Scope Statement. Scoping is aimed at addressing the business situation at hand by indicating what needs to be done.

For example, IT projects scoping in NLNG activities are handled by a multi-disciplinary team of subject-matter experts (SMEs) – including IT teams from Strategy and Planning. The...
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