Project Management Plan Paper

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Project Management Plan Paper
A Culinary Delight is not a typical bakery. This plan will provide the customer with a user friendly way to order online desserts for consumption. The goal of this project is to make the ordering experience at A Culinary Delight one that the user will want to repeat. In order for the company to remain competitive it must improve mobile access, baking automation and the online ordering process. A Culinary Delight Project Plan will describe the project, the project goals and objectives. It will also serve as an agreement between the following parties: Project manager, project team and anyone else associated with the project. Scope

This project will introduce new technology such as mobile technology, tablets, bakery automation. A Culinary Delight does not allow customers to order from mobile devices. The project will allow the catering team to stay in touch with the company while attending catering events off site. The website will be updated and the bakery will receive and automation system. This system will allow the baker to select the ingredient and amount once the selection has been made the machine will dispense the select to the bowl. The end result of this project is to bring mobile computing to A Culinary Delight. There is limited mobile computing access in place now. The online ordering, catering, and bakery departments will be affected by the changes that mobile computing access will make. The online ordering will now allow customers to process secure credit card payments. This will replace the process were the customer was allowed to order online, but had to come to the store to process the payments. Objectives

The bakery automation system should limit the mistakes made when measuring ingredients for recipes. The system will be programmed with measurements per recipes that will allow the baker to select a recipe and ingredient and the amount will appear on the monitor. The system will dispense the correct quantity when prompted by the baker. The mobile computing access will enable the catering department to stay in touch with management and cooking staff at headquarters. With WEB 2.0 technology staff will be able to attend meetings from any location reducing the amount of time spent not helping the customer. Assumptions

A Culinary Delight employees are willing to change business operations to take advantage of the functionality presented with new mobile technology.
Management will ensure project team members are available to complete project tasks and objectives.

If changes to the draft deliverables are not identified on time in the project timeline, delays are expected.
The project team members will follow the communication plan.

All project participants must abide by the plan’s guidelines.

Project plan will change as new information or issues appear.

Project Deliverables
The software needed to automate A Culinary Delight, will consist of a knowledge database, Web 2.0 technology and later versions, Point of Sale software, and CompuBake software. A training program will be provided for each software package. The management team will train on each software package. The individual teams that will receive the software package will be trained also. The smart phones will need applications that are compatible with the CompuBake, Web 2.0 technology, and the Point of Sale software. The cash register system hardware will have to be compatible with the Point of Sale software. The CompuBake software will need terminals and tablets that are compatible. SharePoint can be used for multiple things. It can be used as a knowledge base system, and to provide information to the employees for daily tasks. All software should be installed and ready for testing in four weeks into the project. Training should be conducted during the last two weeks of the project. Schedule

The schedule for this project from...
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