Project Management Plan

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Table of Contents
Management Summary3
Project Charter5
Baseline Plan and Resource Estimation6
Risk Management Plan7
Quality Plan8
Change Management9
Communication Management Plan10
Project Constraints11
Appendix A: Project Charter14
Appendix B: GANTT Chart22
Appendix C: Baseline Plan/Resource Estimation23
Appendix D: Risk Management Plan37
Appendix E: Quality Plan51
Appendix F: Change Management59
Appendix G: Communication Management Plan75
Appendix H: Organizational Chart82
Appendix I: Work Breakdown Structure83
Appendix J: Effectiveness of tools used in the Project84
Project Proposal86

This assignment is on the Renovation and Automation of Power Park Restaurant located in Addu City of the Maldives. The ever change in customer expectations and competitive rivalry together with the modern IT concepts attracts any business and is very vital for the sustainability of the business. Power Park Restaurant wishes to obtain competitive advantage over its rivals with the belief that a modern, elegant yet classy interior concept together with the use of i-pads in customer order taking will attract more customers to the business. Hence, this project is on the project management of how these business needs shall be satisfied and reached.

Management Summary
Power Park Restaurant is a leading restaurant in Addu City of the Maldives. The restaurant is immensely popular and is famous for the quality of food and the friendly atmosphere which the customers’ are serviced with. In order to give their customers the best dining experience, the restaurant decided to renovate their interior concept to give the restaurant a modern, classy and elegant look which would ultimately attract more customers. In attracting more customers, the restaurant further wishes to speed up the service they provide so that the waiting time for the customers would be minimised. Hence, the automation of the restaurant operations of taking customers’ orders and calculating the bill was decided. As such, the restaurant hired Mohamed Nishan Zahir as the project manager to achieve the above mentioned goals of the restaurant. In carrying out the project, three phases were identified; the renovation of the restaurant, development of a software for automation and conducting training to the staff and management of the restaurant. To achieve all tasks of this assignment, “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)” published by the Project Management Institute have been used (Project Management Institute, 1996). The knowledge areas covered in PMBOK have all been applied under the three phases of the project. A project charter was developed to initiate the project that gave a brief description in how the overall objectives of the project will be met. With the approval of the management to proceed on with the project, baseline plans and resource estimation was done. A Gantt chart was developed that identified the tasks, sub tasks, resources needed, and the duration of the tasks. Risks were identified and proper plan was developed to tackle them, in terms of avoiding or accepting or mitigating the risks. A Quality plan, mostly following the frameworks of International Standards Organization (ISO) was then developed to meet the Client’s expectations and satisfaction. There were basically three (03) changes requested during the project duration and all changes were carried through the Change Management forms developed for the project that are derived from PMBOK. Furthermore, a Communication Plan was derived so that proper communication takes place between all stakeholders and the project team leaving to no ambiguity. Assumptions

The project of Renovation and Automation of the Power Park Restaurant has been carried out with the following assumptions. 1. Power Park Restaurant (the Client) wishes to hire Mohamed Nishan Zahir...
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