Project Management Plan

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Online File Sharing

Project Progress Report
Software Project Management
Assistant Prof. Nakornthip Prompoon

Team Member
Sarawut Cheewarattanaphan
Nattapong Sakulwacharayothin
Savita Patitus
Arnant Chaovanayotin
Ton Jiropas
Tat Sukthongchaikul
Chayoot Kietkraipob
Peerapong Benjarungroj



Table of Contents
Project Summary
Improvement List
Project Management Plan
1. Overview
1.1 Purpose, Scope, and Objectives
1.2 Assumptions and Constraints
1.3 Project Deliverables
1.4 Schedule and Budget Summary
1.5 Evolution of the Plan
1.6 Definition
2. Project Organization
2.1 External Interfaces
2.2 Internal Structure
2.3 Internal Structure
3. Managerial Process Plans
3.1 Start-up Plan
3.2 Work Plan
3.3 Control Plan
3.4 Risk Management Plan
3.5 Closeout Plan
4. Technical Process Plans
4.1 Process Model
4.2 Methods, Tools, and Techniques
4.3 Infrastructure Plan
4.4 Product Acceptance Plan
5. Supporting Process Plan
5.1 Configuration Management Plan
5.2 Verification and Validation Plan
5.3 Quality Assurance Plan
5.3 Communication Plan
User Interface: Theme and Design
System Prototype

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List of Figures
Figure 1: Whiteboard Work Breakdown Structure
Figure 2: Whiteboard Gantt Chart
Figure 3: Student Affair of Chulalongkorn University Organization Chart Figure 4: Whiteboard online file sharing project Team Organization Chart Figure 5: Earned Value Graph
Figure 6: Waterfall Model

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Page 11
Page 14
Page 14
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List of Tables
Table 1: Deliverable Products
Table 2: Description of Deliverable Product
Table 3: Budget
Table 4: Definition
Table 5: Internal Structure
Table 6: Cost Estimation
Table 7: Earned Value Analysis
Table 8: Staffing Plan
Table 9: Risk Identification and Impact
Table 10: Likelihood Rating
Table 11: Consequence Rating
Table 12: Risk Analysis Matrix
Table 13: Risk Analysis
Table 14: Risk Response Planning
Table 15: Risk Reduction
Table 16: Role and Responsibilities
Table 17: Communication Requirements
Table 18: Priority of Communication

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Page 9
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Page 15
Page 16
Page 16
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Page 22
Page 22
Page 22
Page 23
Page 23
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List of Templates
Profile Template
Variance Report
Gantt chart
Project Quality Management Plan
Project Charter
Lesson Learn
Scope Change request Form
Milestone Report
Statement of Work
Scope management plan
Work Breakdown Structure
Project scorecard


Project Summary: Whiteboard
Overall Goals: To improve the file sharing activities for the international program students of Chulalongkorn University, empowering them with website that allows them to get access to needed files/documents anytime and anywhere. Specific Objectives:

To implement an efficient and appealing user-friendly website interface to allow for an easy usage 
To build a community to manage, store, and share course materials 
To create a reliable center database with efficient management that will contain mass amounts of course materials for all subjects of all faculties (International Program)

To make students use our website as a part of their university/academic routine 
To solve the problems of lost of course materials, undistributed sharing between students, and unreliable files/documents storage system
SCOPE: Design and develop a site that conforms to the following requirements: 
View list of uploaded files

Download files

Upload files

Tag files

Account registration

Add Course

File search
TIME: 44 days
Budget Cost (Baht)
Server hosting and maintenance cost
Development team (Approximately 2...
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