Project Management. Olympic Games Opnening Ceremony

Topics: Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 32 (10672 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Jonas Söderlund, Svjetlana Pantic
723G18, Project Management 13/02/12

Seminar group 2:

Carlos Felipe Centelles García
Magí Desveus Duran
Sami-Petteri Rajala
Gaylord Vidal

2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Table of contents
1 Introduction:2
1.1 Background3
1.2 Aim of the report:4
1.3 Methodology4
2 Frame of references5
2.1 What is a Project?5
2.1.1 What is a project management?5
2.1.2 What is an event project management?6
2.2 Project planning7
2.3 Risk management9
2.3.1 Internal risks12
2.3.2 External Risks12
2.4.1 Types of stakeholders13
2.4.2 Market (or Primary) Stakeholders:13
2.4.3 Providers and suppliers:15
2.4.4 Non-Market (or Secondary) Stakeholders15
3 Empirical Data18
3.1 Project Key actors18
3.1.1 IOC18
3.1.2 LOCOG19
3.1.3 Performers19
3.1.4 Volunteers20
3.1.5 Secondary actors20
3.3 Leaders22
3.4 Schedule24
3.5 Project Process24
3.6 The opening ceremony – A Budget27
3.7 Technology28
4 Analysis29
4.1 Internal risks29
4.1.1 Technical29
4.1.2 Management and performance31
4.1.3 Political risks32
4.2 External Risks33
4.2.1 Legal risks33
4.2.2 Weather33
4.2.3 Political and security risks33
5 Conclusion35

1 Introduction:

Olympic Games history started in the 8th century BC. Created first in Olympia during the ancient Greek regime, Olympic Games were a religious ceremony, a way to make a truce between the main Greek city-states and also a way to unify people for only one reason: sport (Swaddling 1999). Nowadays, Olympic Games still exist, but we can see that it has experienced a big transformation compared to the ancient Greece. This event entered in a formalization process mostly thanks to Pierre de Coubertin. Indeed, he was the first one who created a permanent organisation that has to manage the Olympic Games in an international way, the International Olympic Committee (IOC). During the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens organised by the new IOC, 14 nations and 241 athletes participated to this event (Young 1996). Last year, in the London Olympic Games 2012, 204 nations and more than 10 000 athletes were involved in this project. But this huge growth was not easy; the IOC had to adapt to many different situation through the history. Managers of the IOC had to face lots of risks (political, cultural, societal…) in order to make it successfully in the whole world. But the most important issue since the half of the 20th century until now for the Olympic Games is the relation with the media. Indeed, the apparition of the media coverage (mostly the TV one) led to the fast growth of this event. Moreover, the media transformed this event into a real business: plenty of money comes from advertisements or TV rights. The other consequence of the apparition of media coverage is for the organising country: as we know the Olympic Games are organised by the IOC but also by a host country (change each time and selected by the IOC). This host country, because of the media, has to organise the best Olympic Games in order to have the best image. Knowing this situation, the opening ceremony is an important project because of the media. Indeed, it is the first major event of the Olympic Games, and this show has to be perfect to expose to the world the power of the host country, but also of the IOC.

In conclusion we could highlight how Olympic Games have changed through the history, adapting to the environment and circumstances around it, but is important to point to two key changes:

- Process of Institutionalization: the creation of International Olympic Committee (IOC) gives formality to the Olympic Games through permanent organizations whose goal is developing and manage the Olympic Games. Due to this formalization or institutional process, project management acquire...
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